Radio/Podcast Training

2 Hour Training Course

The radio and podcast industries are growing at a rapid rate and their benefits are far-reaching. This course provides the tools you need to create, maintain and manage a radio show or podcast. Creating an avenue to reach, inspire, and influence a large group of people, is a way for you to connect your brand or message with your audience, and can also be a rewarding income streams.

This two- hour course will cover several essential topics for those new to radio and podcasting: Concept Development, Equipment Overview, Production, and Publishing.

Concept Development:

The first step is to create an outline to identify what you will need to create your ideal show.

  • Identifying your audience – Who do you want to reach? Demographic, age, group?
  • Choosing a name – Picking a name can be difficult. You want something that fits your personality as well as the personality of your show
  • Creating a format – How long will it be? Will you be interviewing guests, monologue, or narrative?
  • Selecting topics – What is your show going to be about? What is the purpose of your show?

Equipment Overview:

There are 2 primary ways to record. Straight to your computer or by using external devices. What equipment you decide to use will depend on your technological comfort level and your budget. The basic setup includes.

  • Software – Computer program for recording
  • Microphone – Recording vocals
  • Mixer – Connecting devices to the system
  • Headphones – Monitoring the sound levels
  • Cables – Connecting the equipment and resources


Putting together the content of your show is a very important task. We will cover the following topics:

  • Recording – Learning your software, voice control and settings
  • Interviewing – Selecting and researching your guests, execution and performance
  • Time Management – Session timing and length
  • Editing – Techniques, controls, formatting, importing and exporting


Finally, you are ready to upload your audio file to the web and push it. There are several ways to publish your show and showcase it to the world:

  • Radio Station Submissions – Press Kit (Promotional Package)
  • Domain Name – Your domain name should be or relate to your show’s name
  • Hosting – The host is where all of your website’s framework and files reside
  • Website – Creating a website that will guide your audience to your content

Upon review of these 4 essential topics you will have the opportunity to create a demo of your anticipated show. Your demo can be used to showcase, shop and promote your show.

2 Hour Training Course $150

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